Semalt Defines 5 Content Marketing Trends Of 2017

The year 2016 saw many businesses implementing content based promotion strategies across all industries. Content marketing's prominence is due to its conversion, and user engagement capabilities. It also costs less than other marketing strategies. With an increased number of ad blockers, it is the only sure way to get messages across. Brands need to continue their focus on content marketing in 2017.

Alexander Peresunko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, continues to favor the following 5 strategies in order to accomplish the marketing tasks successfully.

1. Production of more user-friendly content

Online content consumption increases with the number of online users. 70 percent of B2B marketers wish to create more content as compared to last year. However, increasing the content available serves as half the solution. Google has sophisticated search algorithms, and their Search Bots can now determine the friendliness and relevance of content online for users. Since engagement is one of the primary objectives of content marketing, the relevance of content to a niche audience is of increasing importance to content marketing.

2. Micro-influencers

The rise of social media increased the number of influencing individuals. Marketers have increased their focus on influencer marketing as a result. Based on MuseFind, 92 percent of the customers place more trust on influencers rather than celebrity endorsements or advertisements. 2016 has taught us that influencer marketing revolves around trust, and the authenticity of influencers is what brands are looking for as they continue to pay heed to the importance of micro-influencers in their marketing campaigns.

3. Content personalization

Social networks have different features when it comes to sharing and promoting content online. Some allow customization with such things as location or hashtags. It becomes easier to conduct market segmentations using these analytic functions on social media. Therefore, it would be wise to make the best use of these features. Personalized content is one way to ensure that content marketing focuses on a particular niche, thus increasing relevancy, engagement, brand recall, and ahead of the competition.

4. Video content

With improved video compressing algorithms, marketers send across brand messages, promotions, and engage users without limits. Several online and offline tools exist to assist in creating video content in less time. As much as these tools help to create videos, engagement relies on how well business owners implement their ideas on video content. Businesses can draw inspiration from how other successful brands run their video campaigns. Using engaging videos around the unique selling proposition attracts more customers and help in market share growth.

5. Social media as a news source

A survey done in 2016 shows that more than 50 percent of social media users use it as a source of news. With the increasing popularity of social media as a channel that marketers use to pass content, it is high time that businesses leverage these channels to deliver news as well. Social media has the capacity to convey anything that concerns a certain brand.


New content marketing strategies come to light every year which means making tweaks to an initial marketing strategy. Staying abreast of current trends in content marketing and capitalizing on them is as important as acting in accordance to the fundamentals of content marketing. These are taking advantage of every touch point to reach out to customers, offering solutions using content, and creating a conflict free path towards the solution.

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